December 13, 2017

December 13, 2017

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July 12, 2018

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Fantasy Diagnosis: The Curious Case of Demarco Murray

October 25, 2017


Within the war zone of a fantasy football season, a plethora of ailments may befall your treasured player. Whether it's a nagging contusion, new offensive coordinator, or a simple case of father time, there's always a scientific explanation behind the disappointing performance of a player. 


In this week's Fantasy Diagnosis, we take a look at the headache known as Demarco Murray. 


This one stings as I have been a Demarco table banger even before his historic year with the Cowboys. Out of all the reasons predicted that could lead to a disappointing year for Demarco (Derrick Henry taking over as the lead RB, injuries, Mariota passing more), not many out there anticipated him just performing poorly while still being the lead back. 


Demarco has maintained his position as the No. 1 runner despite the fact Derrick Henry being much more involved in the offense, but that has not stopped the regression from occurring. The problem is twofold: the offensive efficiency of the Titans as a whole and the continued presence of Derrick Henry. While all of the football world raved about the greatness of the Tennessee O-line, Murray has rushed for under 60 yards in all but one game (due to 75 yard TD). For a team predicated on "exotic smash mouth" that is a problem. 


Through seven weeks Murray is averaging 12 carries as opposed to 20 carries the previous year at the same time point. Runners like Murray, Peterson, Lynch have always been the type to wear down a defense and get better and better as the game goes along. As seen with Peterson's brief tender as a Saint, those types of runners fail to produce when not given a decent amount of carries. While many thought despite the anticipated decrease in workload, Demarco could maintain status as a low RB 1 or high RB 2. The reality has him as mid RB 2 for the rest of the season barring any changes.



After a through examination, Demarco has sadly been diagnosed with RB Malnutrition: the lack of the proper amount of carries to succeed in the consistently in the NFL.


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