December 13, 2017

December 13, 2017

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July 12, 2018

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Fantasy Diagnosis: Julio Jones

November 17, 2017



Within the war zone of a fantasy football season, a plethora of ailments may befall your treasured player. Whether it's a nagging contusion, new offensive coordinator, or a simple case of father time, there's always a scientific explanation behind the disappointing performance of a player. 


In this week's Fantasy Diagnosis, we take a look at the sad case known as Julio Jones. 


One of the most irritating experiences that an owner may have to endure comes in the form of starting a player each week that you know won't do great, but you have to start him because of the talent. The good news is that Julio hasn't reached that point, but he's getting close.


Allow me to clarify.


Drafted as a top three WR in fantasy, Jones currently sits at WR19 in PPR formats behind players like Marvin Jones, Devante Adams, and Robby Anderson.


The recurring topic of conversation throughout NFL media seems to point out the egregious fact that Julio barely has any redzone targets and currently only has one touchdown.


I feel like no one has ever truly analyzed Julio as a fantasy WR. Throughout 2013-present day, Julio has never been like Mike Evans or OBJ where they would score double digit Touchdowns every year. In fact, it was only in the 2012 season when Julio managed to score more than 8 Touchdowns. Since 2014, Jones' usage and targets the closer the Falcons get to the redzone has steadily decreased and despite the shear size of Jones (6'3 200 with 38.5 inch vertical) as a WR it is very rare when the Falcons throw up a jump ball and allow him to make a play.


Simply put, owners now have to place Julio within the same conversation as another great receiver that seems allergic to Touchdowns, Demaryius Thomas. Both have the potential and ability to score but have proved consistently that they can't. No matter if the Falcons' offense resembles the 2016 version or its anemic state of the current season, the reality remains that Jones' lack of redzone production is a systemic one and systemic issues don't disappear overnight. Thus, Julio Jones, the top pick for some teams, has been reduced to the role of a high end WR2 where we have to depend of high yardage games for him to produce for our teams.


After a thorough examination, Julio has sadly been diagnosed with possessing an allergic reaction to Touchdowns: the closer the Falcons get to the redzone then the more his allergies seem to flare up.


Word of warning


With the playoffs soon upon us, it may be time to ship Julio for some players with better match ups or who can score actual Touchdowns. Julio’s playoff schedule is the following:


Week 14: New Orleans 

Week 15: Tampa Bay

Week 16: New Orleans


While Tampa is a welcome sight, two games against the young stud Marshon Lattimore (currently QBs have the worst passer rating when throwing passes in his direction according to Profootball Focus) are ones that may cause some concern. With the value of Jones' name, you may be able to cash in on a deal for the likes of someone like Mark Ingram if the right deal is put together. 


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