December 13, 2017

December 13, 2017

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July 12, 2018

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Weekly Insights: Week 12 Edition

November 29, 2017


The beauty and the frustration of fantasy football lies in its ever-changing landscape. One moment you have the perfect lineup that every single analyst agrees with, then the next moment you're cursing at the screen because something no one saw coming occurs. 


Fantasy is not a stagnant practice. In order to be good, you have to be able to adapt to the ebbs and flows week in and week out. 


Here's analysis from some quick takes occurring this past week:


Note* Values are based off of half point PPR Yahoo stats.


Robby Anderson is a WR1


While not in the upper tier of WRs like Antonio Brown, Anderson has carved out a nice spot on your lineup every week as he has averaged 11.45 fantasy points since week three.  While he may not get a great amount of targets every week, his big play potential has allowed him to become another version of Will Fuller where he just keeps scoring like he has the past five games. With the resurgence of QB Josh Mccown and no signs of them playing one of the other QBs on the bench, keep starting Anderson with confidence. 


Never Bench Marvin Jones


I think I've lost count of how many times I've seen or read a segment where Marvin Jones has landed in the Sit category. I honestly don't understand it. The types of players to never bench are the ones that have a high percentage chance to score Touchdowns. No matter how bad a matchup may seem on paper, a single Touchdown will make that player's fantasy week. Jones is without a doubt a redzone threat in Detroit. If you need further proof aside from his high target share, recent weeks big plays and visual chemistry with Stafford, please take a look at him going over three defenders this past Thanksgiving. You can't coach that. You simply start him and enjoy the Touchdowns he's receiving from Matt Stafford. 



The Hunt is Over


Sadly, at this point I would trade Hunt for whatever you could get. Hopefully, there's a soul in your league that still wants to buy in on the upside because right now Hunt is looking like a flash in the pan. Granted, I still think Hunt has all the talent in the world, but the results have shown the opposite. With teams adjusting to Hunt and with Alex Smith reverting back into Captain Checkdown, Hunt is just no longer the player we thought he was. If he could not get it going vs the Bills D that has allowed every RB in the past few weeks to go off, then just like Anakin becoming Vader: he is truly lost to us. 


Demarco's Days May be Closing


Take away that 75 yard TD run in week 3 and Demarco Murray has failed to rush for more than 60 yards all year. Yes, you heard that right. A former NFL rushing champ has failed to rush for more than 60 yards aside from one play all year. While he has managed to put up RB1 numbers at times, the fact remains that Demarco has been a disappointment this year. Granted, it may not be all on Demarco because the Titans' offense as a whole has just lacked any  consistent sparks all year. Demarco still has a veterans' savvy to make plays, but not the explosive ability to carry an offense. With the shadow of Derrick Henry behind him, it may be time to enjoy the last days of seeing Demarco as a starting RB. 


Trade Julio Jones


As an Atlanta native, I was pleased beyond measure this past Sunday seeing Julio go off. With that in mind, I know that the Falcons won't all of the sudden commit to force feeding Julio the ball. With 253 of Matt Ryan's 317 yard performance going to Julio, it's unrealistic to imagine that kind of game or target share occurring again. That kind of game plan was something most likely seen from film study rather than the Falcons' seeing the light and deciding to feed their super stud more. Either way, this was the game Julio owners needed to inflate the price for him and ship him off before the trade deadline hits and playoffs begin. 


*Featured Article - Fantasy Diagnosis: Julio Jones*


Give Up On the Eagles Backfield


I remember when we thought that the Jay Ajayi trade would be great for Fantasy and give owners a revitalized Ajayi for the RB1 slot on our teams. Man that feels like ages ago. With another week of the new hit Philadelphia reality show Flavor of Touches in the books, we once again see four different backs all fighting for the love of one coach that seems to love them all equally. Seriously, that could be a hit show at this rate. With splits continuing all over the place, there is no clear winner in the Eagles' backfield especially with how Hyper-efficient Carson Wentz is in the redzone. 


If you have specific lineup or roster questions feel free to submit a question via the "Submit a Question" button on our home page and we'll be sure to share our opinion. Also don't forget to check out our weekly position rankings! (Rankings are up by Wednesdays)

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