December 13, 2017

December 13, 2017

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July 12, 2018

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Ride or Die: Playoff Edition

November 30, 2017


It's the final leg of the season with just that final stretch until you're holding that coveted fantasy title. With a season of memories of hard fought wins and painful losses still fresh in your mind, it's easy to look at your current roster with a sense of fondness and loyalty. 


Sadly, fondness and loyalty doesn't win championships. Calculated decisions and roster management does. Complacency is the enemy of all champions and must be struck down before it takes root. With that thought firmly in mind, all owners must look at their rosters for any weak links that have managed to latch their way into the playoffs. 


Here's a list of some controversial players to ride through the playoffs or bury them on your bench. 


Phillip Rivers (Ride)


In the world of fantasy football, it seems like Phillip Rivers is the bastard child of Winterfell, he is obviously an awesome person but everyone seems OK with just relegating him to the corner table out of sight. With the playoffs fast approaching, owners will need to continue to ride the hot hand of Rivers. Averaging 25 fantasy points over the last three weeks, Rivers has breathed new life into the Chargers and our fantasy teams for the rest of the season. With Keenan Allen reminding the world of his great talent, Rivers is surrounded by a plethora of options that make him a good call vs any defense at the moment. 


Playoff schedule

Week 14: WAS

Week 15: KC

Week 16: NYJ


Dak Prescott (Die) 


The start of this season Dak was making a strong case for perhaps being the Matt Ryan of last year, but the loss of several linemen through injury and Elliot from suspension has left Dak as someone not worth a roster spot. In the three games since Zeke's suspension, he has yet to throw for more than 200 yards passing and a single passing TD. Despite the apparent ease of playoff scheduling, Prescott has shown to be too ineffective without Zeke in the lineup to warrant a fantasy start during the playoff run. 


Playoff schedule

Week 14: NYG

Week 15: OAK

Week 16: SEA


Rex Burkhead (Ride)


Fully in swing now, the New England backfield is resembling the head scratching conundrum it always used to be. With the workload being evenly split this past week with Dion Lewis, Burkhead has still managed to step in and make a difference for fantasy rosters. Averaging about 39% of the offensive snap counts at RB the past four games, Burkhead has solidified into a matchup problem that New England can exploit in about any formation. Don't expect for him to get any more work than he current has seen, but feel confident starting him as a recurring flex. 


Playoff schedule

Week 14: MIA

Week 15: PIT

Week 16: BUF



Ameer Abdullah (Die)


Coming into this season, I was super high on the upside of Abdullah. Sadly, his performance has been subpar at best. While the tape still shows off elusive talent as a runner, he just doesn't get enough space to make plays with the O-line currently in place. As a fantasy option, Abdullah has become completely dependent on Touchdowns and even with one his max potential seems to level around 12 points. With only two games this season of 60+ yards rushing, Abdullah needs to find a firm spot on the bench to ride out the remainder of this fantasy season. 


Playoff schedule

Week 14: TB

Week 15: CHI

Week 16: CIN



Dez Bryant (Ride)


With the loss of Ezekiel Elliot igniting the Dallas dumpster fire, Dez Bryant owners have been disappointed the last five weeks as he has not managed to score. Despite the great talent Bryant possesses, the transition from Tony Romo to Dak Prescott has effected Bryant the most. Gone are the days when the Dallas offense would just throw up the ball to Dez in the redzone and in their wake exists a more balanced offensive attack. While yes Dez has not been the dominant force he once was, his skill set still demands that you start him in your lineup due to his jump ball potential. 


Michael Crabtree (Ride)


Once viewed as one of the best redzone threats in fantasy, Crabtree has seen a sharp decline over the last four weeks in terms of Touchdowns (0). With a one game suspension hanging over his head and the offensive struggles from the Raiders through the air, it is easy to dismiss Crabtree. Keep in mind that despite the decline, Crabtree remains a highly targeted receiver on the team and is the go to option once the Raiders enter the redzone. With much easier matchups throughout the playoffs, look for Crabtree to continue to get a high volume of targets and be a difference maker in your playoff runs. 


Playoff schedule

Week 14: KC

Week 15: DAL

Week 16: PHI


If you have specific lineup or roster questions feel free to submit a question via the "Submit a Question" button on our home page and we'll be sure to share our opinion. Also don't forget to check out our weekly position rankings! (Rankings are up by Wednesdays)



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