December 13, 2017

December 13, 2017

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July 12, 2018

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Weekly Insights: Week 13 Edition

December 6, 2017



The beauty and the frustration of fantasy football lies in its ever-changing landscape. One moment you have the perfect lineup that every single analyst agrees with, then the next moment you're cursing at the screen because something no one saw coming occurs. 


Fantasy is not a stagnant practice. In order to be good, you have to be able to adapt to the ebbs and flows week in and week out. 


Here's analysis from some quick takes occurring this past week:


Note* Values are based off of half point PPR Yahoo stats.


Sunken Bucs


I fondly remember a time when Jameis Winston, Doug Martin, Desean Jackson, and Mike Evans were prime candidates during the preseason to be fantasy MVPs and late round value picks. Sadly, amidst a series of injuries, suspensions, and overall poor performance, it has become clear that no matter the QB our faith in the Bucs' offense should be waning. Between Mike Evans and Desean Jackson, the two talented receivers have combined for just a single 100 yard receiving game all year. While a strong start may have others not as down on Mike Evans, the fact remains that the first round WR in many drafts has not scored a TD in the last six games (one game suspended).


Despite the flashes of brilliance Doug Martin displayed in preseason before his suspension kicked in, he has struggled to keep a consistent workload and has yet to run for more than 80 yards rushing in a single game this year. Don't follow the lead of the Titanic captain, and abandon ship as soon as you can on some of these players. 


*Note: in no way should you bench a talent like Mike Evans and Winston every week. Just temper expectation. 


Flash Gordon is Back


In a sport where missing a few months of training camp can take weeks of correction during the course of the season, the idea that Josh Gordon could come off of a three year hiatus and perform well didn't seem too plausible. Someone forgot to mention that to Josh Gordon because he looked like someone that had been playing all year. Just ask Chargers CB Casey Hayward and I'm sure he can attest as much. Leaving the game with 11 targets and 85 yards, the Gordon hype train is in full swing and you should jump on board. I do want something to sink in once more: three years. Despite the man not playing football in three years and going to rehab, he still can play at a dominant level. With Deshone Kizer clearly favoring the talented WR, look for him to be a great flex during your playoff run. 



Keenan Allen Heat Check


In the last three games, Keenan Allen has pulled in 33 catches on 41 targets and scored four TDs. Let me get this out the way now. The Chargers are without a doubt going to win that division and Keenan Allen will be just as responsible for it as Phillip Rivers and the Chiefs' epic collapse will be. This in no way is some sort of fluke either. While it has been a few years Allen was considered a WR1 let us not forget that during his rookie year he had a nine game span where he averaged 90 yards a game and hauled in 5 TDs. With the remainder of his playoff schedule against teams like Kansas City, New York (Jets), and Washington, Allen shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 



The Rhodes to Nowhere


After a stellar 200 yard performance by Julio Jones, he followed it up with a 20 yard dud against Xaiver Rhodes the following week. Thus, pops the inquiry of which game was the fluke. The answer lies in the middle. While Jones does possess tier one talent as a WR, this year has exposed the narrative where the Falcons seem incapable of taking advantage of his talents on a weekly basis. No matter how good of a corner Rhodes is, in a game of that magnitude, where your post season aspirations could be greatly affected, it's inexcusable to allow Julio Jones to get his second catch in the fourth quarter of the game. With two of his next three games against the revamped Saints' defense, hopefully the Falcons will find a way to feed their stud or their playoff aspirations as well as our own may dwindle. 



Josh McCown is a Baller but Not an Every Week Play


I swear football is the weirdest sport on the planet. After all these years, who ever would have thought that some of the best QBs to get owners into the playoffs would be Josh McCown and Case Keenum. With back to back 300 yard games, McCown has proven that he has what ti takes to be a starting QB in this league. Whether it's through the air or the ground, the wily veteran QB is doing everything in his power to try to win the game. Despite recent success though, temper expectations in the later rounds of the playoffs. While his next game vs Denver is favorable, his following ones are against the Saints and the Chargers. Even though it is not the likes of the Vikings or the Ravens, just don't look for McCown to pull your team all the way into the championship. Remember this is the same guy that faltered against the Bucs' and Bills' defenses, matchups that other QBs have shredded in recent weeks. 



Kickers are People too


With the end of the regular season officially in the books, I would just like to point out the elephant in the fantasy room: kickers can be our best players any given week. This past week saw the likes of Justin Tucker kicking owners into the playoffs while Matt Prater was the sole reason for many demises. Granted, kickers are in no way an exact science but make sure put forth the effort into them, or you may see yourself booted out by just a few points. 

If you have specific lineup or roster questions feel free to submit a question via the "Submit a Question" button on our home page and we'll be sure to share our opinion. Also don't forget to check out our weekly position rankings! (Rankings are up by Wednesdays)

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