December 13, 2017

December 13, 2017

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July 12, 2018

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Weekly Insight: Week 14 Edition

December 12, 2017


The beauty and the frustration of fantasy football lies in its ever-changing landscape. One moment you have the perfect lineup that every single analyst agrees with, then the next moment you're cursing at the screen because something no one saw coming occurs. 


Fantasy is not a stagnant practice. In order to be good, you have to be able to adapt to the ebbs and flows week in and week out. 


Here's analysis from some quick takes occurring this past week:


Note* Values are based off of half point PPR Yahoo stats.



Wentz Upon a Time


Overall this has been a horrible year for football in terms of injuries. Thus far we have lost Julian Edleman, Aaron Rodgers, David Johnson, Odell Beckham, Deshaun Watson, and now leading MVP candidate Carson Wentz. Those handful of names sadly carried with them a ton of potential fantasy points as they went down for the season with QB Carson Wentz being the most recent example. Being one of the best waiver wire adds this year, Wentz had been firmly cemented as the no. 2 QB in fantasy football behind Russell Wilson. In the wake of this devastating loss, how should we look at the remainder of Eagles players in fantasy?


Have realistic expectations. Yes, there will be a drop off in production in going from Wentz to Foles for Ertz and Jeffery, but it is not the end of the world. While the 27 TOUCHDOWNS and 2 interception season was in 2013, the Nick Foles we have seen since then is not a bane for fantasy owners. After a horrible year with the Rams, the football world kinda forgot about Nick Foles and looked at him as a one year wonder. Keep this in mind though, that same Rams team that we berated Foles for stinking on was the same team and coaching staff that made Case Keenum and Jared Goff look atrocious last year. 


Maybe it wasn't all on Foles then? Maybe he was just another victim of the Jeff Fisher era in St. Louis. Only time will tell, but Foles has been with Doug Peterson the last few years in Kansas City, so he is familiar with the offense and he arguably has better weapons than he did during his historic year in Philly.


The one winner from this whole ordeal may end up being Jay Ajayi. For the second week in a row, Ajayi has led the Eagles' RB rotation. With 15 carries for 78 yards in the books and being on the field for 47% of the offensive plays, the Wentz injury may have forced the Eagles' hand to depend on the run more and ride Ajayi into the playoffs.  



Prancing Through the Snow


If LeSean McCoy is not some kind of frost giant in disguise, then he has to be part Kyrptonian or secretly a Jedi because there is no way a normal human should be able to move like that in such crazy weather. Apparently, Shady McCoy never got the notice on that one. In a game that most men would bulk at the mere thought of playing in, he racked up an insane 156 yards and a TOUCHDOWN on 32 carries. We all knew that Shady was a stud, but this week's performance makes me question if he is more than that. 


The great thing to take away from this game though is Buffalo's heavy reliance on the run in poor weather conditions. While it is no surprise that they are a run first team with a RB like Shady, it is still comforting to know how much he will be relied upon in bad weather games. 



Adam Gase Knew Exactly what He was Doing


Following the shocking trade of Pro Bowl RB Jay Ajayi, there was certainly a question of Gase's sanity as this move resembled previous ill-advised decisions by new coaches trying to make a statement. The Brandon Marshall trade by Josh McDaniels and the Shady McCoy trade by Chip Kelly were both moves that seemed and were doomed to fail, but Gase proved us wrong on this one.


With back to back games of 100+ yards rushing, Kenyan Drake has evolved from the third string back to a potential workhorse back and a waiver wire flex play to high end RB2. With his final two games against Buffalo (27th vs the run) and Kansas City (30th vs the run), look for Drake to continue to churn out fantasy points for your team. 



Trust in the Talent...Sometimes


Sadly whether you're an analyst or just a fan with great football IQ, there come times that no matter how many stats you have on your side telling you to sit a player sometimes the talent just wins out.


Case and point: some of the WRs that myself and other analysts had concerns about like Devin Funchess and Doug Baldwin made sure that we looked like we had no idea what we were doing. Granted, it is impossible to be right about every single prediction in the realm of fantasy football, but we can all certainly curb the expectations of failure by adhering to one mighty principle: trust in the TOUCHDOWN. 


TOUCHDOWNS literally make or break us in fantasy and sometimes. When a certain matchup make us a little nervous, keep in mind that if that player has high scoring potential like a Doug Baldwin or a Devin Funchess then it will be in our best interest to ride with the TOUCHDOWNS. 


Keen-Num Coming


In five of his last six games, Case Keenum has managed to throw for 280+ yards and at least 2 TDs. Whoever would have thought that he would be the most consistent fantasy QB to ride into the playoffs this year? Keenum has always shown he has the physical talent to succeed in this league. After stints with the Rams and the Texans, he finally has the full support of the coaching staff and the best weapons he's ever had to prove he's a starting caliber QB. That combination has been a godsend for fantasy owners that have been let down by the likes of Jameis Winston, Aaron Rodgers, and Matt Ryan. With this past week in the books, it's time to finally elevate Keenum from a good streaming option at QB to an every week starter that can lead you to a fantasy championship. 


Return of the Cowboy


After weeks of pedestrian performances, Dak Prescott finally got it going against the Giants this past Sunday. While we all are aware of the immense talent that Prescott has, the question after last week's game is which Dak are we going to get for the remainder of the season? With a three touchdown game fresh in our minds, it's time to get back on the Cowboy bandwagon. Yes, there still is no Zeke Elliot on the team, but that is only for one more week. With the next game against the Raiders acting as the final game before Zeke returns, get on board a week early and feel confident rolling Dak out there as your starting QB to get you into the fantasy championship. 



If you have specific lineup or roster questions feel free to submit a question via the "Submit a Question" button on our home page and we'll be sure to share our opinion. Also don't forget to check out our weekly position rankings! (Rankings are up by Wednesdays)


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